Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday, in the late afternoon, it stopped sprinkling, and all the thunderstorms seemed to pass to the south. Galen's friend was having issues with his tractor, so we went over to try to jump-start it.

Then we went skeet shooting with Galen and his girlfriend. My experience being with handguns and non-moving targets, this was really, really hard. But with some training from Galen, I was able to hit enough skeet that I could tell that it wouldn't be too terribly hard to get good with moving targets. Just expensive. And cartridges seem to be going up in price. (Galen makes his own, though they don't pack quite as much punch as the ones from the factory.)

I had dinner with Galen, his parents, his brother Gavin and his sister Dixie. Then Gavin made a fire, Galen rolled up his pickup truck, opened the doors and put on some music. And we just sat around the fire with beers. It was very warm and very relaxing. The clouds parted, and the constellations were easily visible. It's late enough in the spring that crickets and fireflies are just starting to come out.


This morning, the weather looked nice, but when I checked the forecast, it said thunderstorms. I looked at the radar. Western Ohio looked nasty, and weather moves eastward. Galen walked by and shared his own analysis with me, which wasn't too different. He suggested I stay and wait the rain out.

I gladly agreed. A day of resting my legs and eating his mother's cooking didn't sound bad at all, not to mention that the forecast for tomorrow called (and still does) for beautiful weather.

We got in his pickup and went to Thompson, a very odd aberration in the middle of the flatness and occasional rolling hills of Ohio.

Galen is determined to party tonight. It should be a fun time.

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