Saturday, May 16, 2009


I tried posting from my phone, but after accidentally deleting the post when I was almost finished, starting over, and AGAIN accidentally deleting it, I temporarily gave up. It's hard to get online here.

I'm actually having a decently good time in Albany. I've met some really cool people, got scratched up by a cat for the first time (it was running from a dog and climbed me like a tree—i.e. with claws), and had the most enormous margarita I have ever seen. (I would post a photo, but this computer prohibits it.)

However, there's no work, which is annoying. Some days people are around, like the day I went to the New York State Museum with Juliana; another day, when no one was around and it was raining, I just sat at the library studying ancient Greek. If I had work, I'd have probably been sad to leave.

I expect to leave on Monday.

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