Saturday, May 9, 2009

Budget: ~$100

I'm going to go ahead and update my map position to what I expect to be my location tomorrow night, since I'm unlikely to be able to update the map from there. It looks like the long-range forecast was correct: the final storms are rolling down from the mountains and pummeling Springfield this afternoon and tonight; by tomorrow, both Springfield and the mountains will be clear for my passage.


Yesterday, I actually did get work here in Springfield, loading refrigerators onto a truck. Most of the time was actually spent sitting with five other guys in the back of the truck, with our legs hanging down, while it drove from one place to another.

"Man, look at that b__ch!"

"She FINE!"

"Did you see that? She just turned away!"

"She saw you's checkin' her out."

"You wouldn't guess it, but a little white girl like that is probably going home to a big mother____ing n____r."

"Man, I'd tap that. And then she'd follow me around all the time, like this other b__ch."

"Shut up, Duncan, ain't no b__ch followin' you 'round."

"There is, man, she just don't follow me to work. But she go everywhere else. Tries to walk in on me at home when I'm with another b__ch."

"Seriously? I'd'a strangled her."

"I might too. Sometimes, you just gotta strangle a b__ch."

"Yo, Russian, why ain't you talkin'?"

"Don't have much to add."

"You don't have any crazy b__ches followin' you?.....oh, right, you's bikin' from place to place, they can't keep up."

"Where you headed next, Russian?"


"Any reason?"

"It's on the way."

"You sure you'll always find people to stay with?"

"I've got a tent just in case."

"And you're going to Oregon?"


"You plan stay there?"

"Probably not."

"You got family there?"


"I don't know what the f__k is wrong with you Russians."

"Yo, Russian, I once saw a movie about some guy named Ivan."

"You guys, stop talking to the Russian! Russian! Get over here and help me lift this thing! Do it for the Ukraine!"

"Holy f__k, look at that b__ch! RUSSIAN! Check out that b__ch!"


It was a beautiful day out, but nevertheless, as soon as I became the first person in months in Springfield to request a check instead of cash, I went home and took a nap before going to the bar. I always take naps during the day now because of the freaking cockatiel that wakes me up at 4 every morning.

On the bright side, though, all the Bach I've been whistling him is starting to pay off. This morning, I woke up to parts of the first movement of Trio Sonata No 1.

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