Thursday, May 7, 2009

Waiting Out the Rain

Budget: ~$50

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The thunderstorms still hung over the mountains, however, so I couldn't leave yet. (Sunday and Monday appear to be two consecutive days of sun over the mountains, so that is probably when I will cross into the Hudson Valley and Albany.) But it was just as well. I didn't know what kind of damage the cat had done, so instead of fixing the bike myself, I dropped it off at a bike shop and went for a long walk through the eastern suburbs. Although I'm technically still in New England until probably next week, it's clear I've moved away from the coast. The yards now often include rusty 1970s cars. No cows as of yet, but I know those will quickly appear once I cross the Appalachians.

When I picked up the bike (the repairman had not only replaced my tube, but added a wider rim strip for good measure, making the back wheel even more resistant to flats) and rode it home, I realized how long it has now been since I've ridden a bike that isn't loaded down with stuff. And I realized that I've already gotten much stronger. I don't think I've ever before experienced the kind of riding I was able to do yesterday.

I left the bike at the neighbors', so that the cat wouldn't be able to get to it.


Today, it's raining again. I was finally permitted into the labor office and filled out the necessary forms. They were approved, so if there is work available tomorrow, I might be able to make a bit of cash. But at this point, it hardly matters, because that's the only day I'd expect to be available to work here. By Sunday morning, I hope to be working my way up into the mountains, and away from this city, whose only skyscraper is a massive downtown project.

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