Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Made it to Lowell

Budget: $730.44

Well, biking to Lowell wasn't so bad. As I rode, I remembered what traffic in eastern Massachusetts means (very, very different from upstate New York). I also realized that I'd ridden the same bike for so many years it was going to take a bit to adjust to a new one. I had pictures of specific problems, but they won't be posted right now. For a stupid reason.

I realized as I was biking that I had, in fact, forgotten two things.

  1. The wire to connect my camera to a USB port
  2. My social security card

The former is pretty simple: if I really want to describe my trip to Lowell and don't have much new stuff to talk about, I can take the camera to any convenience store and put the photos on a CD and post them.

The latter, however, is going to require me to REALLY milk my charms while I'm here. I've already circumvented the need for the card once since my arrival, and may have a (taxable) job waiting for me tomorrow. But in general, while I like to rely on my charms, it'll probably be a good idea to carry that thing around with me in the future.

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