Thursday, April 30, 2009


Budget: ~$150

As I pulled into South Main, the region of Worcester where Clark University is, the maps on my phone showed lots of parks. I went to check one out. As soon as I turned off of Main St onto a side street, however, I noticed that the buildings on either side were fenced off, and behind the broken windows, one could see only blackened wood and ashes. I continued up the road. The pavement ended and it led up a hill into the woods. Toward the top, I caught a glimpse of more burnt houses.

Nice park.

I started checking out parks and asking people about them. The answers varied from "That's the place where high school kids do drugs at night" to "I'd never heard of it until someone got killed there a few months ago."

I grabbed lunch on a bench by Dead Hooker Pond, as it was known to the locals. Then I met Bridget, who is just finishing up at Clark, and at whose place I'm staying now.

We went out with her friends last night, which was a fun time until finally I just fell asleep.

I don't plan to stay here too long, so I don't think I'll get work here (I checked some places yesterday, but they wanted me for two weeks, min). Today I'll readjust the gears and derailers on my bike and replace the spare tube I used up fixing the flat. Tomorrow it will rain and I'll use the day to relax, and maybe hang out somewhere and meet people if I can borrow an umbrella. By Sunday, I should be gone.

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