Monday, April 13, 2009

Tip From Along the Way

Budget: -$30.56

If a check arrives for you and you're not there to deposit it, someone else can deposit it for you. They can just take it to a teller, along with your account number. On the back of the check, instead of your endorsement, they can write "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY". Obviously, they can't collect any part of it in cash. They also obviously can't make the deposit at an ATM.

I learned this as I looked for a solution to the problem that I will have checks arriving from non-tech-savvy clients for prior services after I've departed for the trip. As long as I have someone who has physical access to the checks, problem solved.


As I learn stuff that's potentially useful throughout the preparation and trip, I'll try to post it in this fashion. Hopefully there will be many such things, and hopefully they'll be helpful to somebody.

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