Monday, April 13, 2009

Old Not-So-Rusty Commissioned

Budget: -$30.56

I picked up the "new" bike today. It was also rather old, not looking too different from Old Rusty, but what was inside was now guaranteed. And since I was buying it from the bike shop, they did a complete tune-up for free. When I came in to get it, it didn't look anything like Old Rusty anymore, to the point where I was afraid it might now be more likely to get stolen.

The new tires and new tape on the handlebars made an ENORMOUS difference.

On Wednesday morning, I plan to get on it and ride it to Lowell, MA, where I will spend a few days (maybe a week or so) trying to work, and hopefully making enough money to buy more equipment when I come back. That will be the real test of how well it works.

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