Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Attempts at Quick Work: Take 1

Budget: -$680.10

The Atlantic coastline of northern Massachusetts consists mostly of attractive little towns stretching up toward New Hampshire and Maine.

Today, I headed for perhaps the most unattractive thing along that coast.

Lynn was a booming factory city in the 1920s. Now, all the factories in downtown Lynn are closed and although there are cars in the parking lots, the city doesn't have much going on.

I hit up a street right downtown

and the very first place I walked into said they might have work for me!1 Unfortunately, they had me spend two hours filling in forms, including W-4s (no getting away from taxes), and then told me to come back early tomorrow morning, and that they "might" have something for me to do.

They couldn't tell me what kind of work it would be or how much I'd be paid. This piqued my curiosity significantly. I will try to be there at 5:30 AM tomorrow on the dot and see what happens.

If this works, it will mean that getting a job instantly for the day might not always be realistic. The first day I'd just need to fill in forms. But if that's the only adjustment that needs to be made, that's very encouraging.

1Since the purpose here isn't to advertise or "call out" any particular company, I will not be mentioning company names.

P.S: People have expressed concern about my negative budget. Worry not. That's my budget for this trip. These one-day jobs are not currently how I make money; I have other sources of income. They pay my bills. Once I leave for this trip though, I will try to make it on just these jobs. After all, that's the experiment.

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