Friday, March 20, 2009

White Collar Day

Budget: -$671.10

Today, I did no experimentation, just went to see a couple of clients—hey, I need real money, even when experimenting. One I was with for about an hour; another was a "surprise cancellation," for which I charged a small fee. In a day of doing almost nothing (less than two hours of work all told), I'm willing to bet I made more money than pretty much anybody who showed up looking for a day job in Lynn.

Of course, this wouldn't work for many of them. I'm not going to actually see the check for that money for probably over a month, and I'd have very little work indeed if I needed to take regular breaks for jail. But I couldn't imagine sticking with the kind of work they do if I'm staying in one place.

I almost want to see if I could mentor someone there and send him to the library to find a skill to learn (beats sitting in line for the rest of the day when you arrive at 8 AM). Make him think creatively, figure out something people he knows could make use of and would pay for.

But of course, nobody would listen to me. And anyway, I need to stop trying to mentor other people and try to find a mentor for myself. If not for life in general, then for landing a day job while traveling.

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