Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving On

Budget: -$375.18

I'm done with Lynn. I have too many friends and too many connections there now. It's not teaching me anything anymore. Unless I want to just do minimum wage work for no reason, it's time to move on.

Today was a white collar day again. Sort of. Met with a client for 15 minutes; took the rest of the day off. Made money comparable to a day of blue-collar work, but I won't see it for a month and a half or so. I've had a weird combination of white collar and blue collar life, or which I'm reminded every morning when I look down at the floor.

So I'm going to try to hit up Somerville, a totally different community in a different place. I'll start by seeing if I can go through the same work process. At the same time, I'll try to use my charm and wiles to get a place to sleep on someone's couch. I'll slowly adjust and figure out what I need to do. Some things that are obvious still come up as a thorn in my side.

Today I ran about six hours' worth of errands with my friend Brian, then went down to Boston with the intention of staying at my friend Khai's for the night and then going to Somerville to fill out forms. I neglected:

  • To dry my work clothes, which I had laundered
  • To bring anything warm to wear
  • To bring the documents necessary to get a legal, taxable job

The good news is that for legal, taxable jobs, you have to take, as I keep saying, a day to fill out forms. Thus tomorrow, I have no reason to appear in the work line early. So I'll plan to get up around 5:45 and, in clothes that will hopefully be at least half-dry, make my way up the coast, seeing if I can get an under-the-table job on the way. I'll grab my documents, turn around, and head back, continuing to try to get an under-the-table job. If that fails, I'll plan to appear in Somerville at noon to fill out forms.

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